Calgary is a city molded by independent, hard working entrepreneurs. It is a city where a person with ambition can turn dreams into reality. I felt this spirit when I started my first business 25 years ago. Since then I have established and owned several businesses, including a furniture design company and a computer software company. Through those experiences I have a deep understanding of the needs of the small business owners and how I can best be an advocate for them to succeed.  In addition to my knowledge of small business, the time I worked in management roles within the IT sector of large Japanese and US companies;  has given me a useful understanding of the complexities of corporate structures.

I believe in strong local communities which ensures that individual voices; your voices are heard. Meaningful change and improvements come from the grass roots, not from far off centers of political power. In my community of Rutland Park, I led a fight to give local residents a say in the placement of a large cellular telecommunication tower. During this period I was able to offer advice and support to many organizations and communities throughout Canada that felt helpless against the power of government bureaucracy. On a national level I founded, CellTower , a watchdog advocacy group, whose mandate is to ensure honest consultation with the public when siting telecommunication towers and to promote changes to municipal and federal policies regarding placement of cell towers within established Canadian communities.

In volunteering I have served as President of the Rutland Park / Currie Barracks Community Association including various committees dealing with planning, traffic, and infrastructure. More importantly I enjoy the opportunity of working with people who really care about their community.

Volunteering makes communities strong. As a child I often saw my father invite homeless and destitute people into our home and provide them with shelter, a kind ear, and encouragement. His example showed me the importance of volunteering my time and effort to the community to help less fortunate people find their footing.

Having experienced the tragic loss of my sister Karen through domestic abuse I have become a forceful and active advocate for organizations, policies and laws that protect everyone’s right to enjoy their lives without fear or harm. I support the work that my siblings have done to raise awareness of this serious issue through their website http://www.never-give-up.ca.

As a father of four children I have been actively involved with advocating for political change around bullying by pushing for legislation and online tools to protect our youth though the initiative “Stop the Bull”

I was brought up to respect hard work and fiscal prudence and believe that both qualities are as essential for good governance as good business. Calgary is a great city and we should have amenities worthy of such a city; however, I believe outstanding civic architecture can be built without wasteful spending and we need to establish our needs before addressing our wants.

When elected my mandate is to truly provide Responsive, Responsible leadership always remembering I am Your Voice and as such, trust that your voice will be loud and clear when I’m on City Council.

Elect Wayne Frisch Councillor WARD 11 – Calgary Elections 2017