Looking Forward

For the record, I am a fiscal conservative NOT a social conservative.

I know what it really means to stretch finances having owned several businesses over the years makes one very creative on how to pay your expenses and staff when times are lean.

When it comes to taxation I strongly believe that both business and property taxes are too high and we need to look at ways to reduce spending. The city simply has itself spread to thin with too many substructures that waste.

However I have a different approach to fixing this issue than just wildly slashing programs or effecting employees wages. I think it is a novice and reckless approach.

Having started many business ventures over the years I have experienced good and bad times. The knee jerk reaction in bad economic times to cut may seem natural however this is a time we need to invite opportunities and become creative.

I support programs for taxpayers who are struggling to meet property and business tax payments. Council freezing property taxes and reducing the business tax rate by 20% this year with the 45 million business property tax relief program are all positive steps. The council has taken some great positive advances promoting entrepreneurial incubator programs and sought support of the business community for creative ideas. I would champion and endorse more initiatives like these when on council.

For the record I am NOT the candidate that will go after city employees to find savings. Calgarians want to have a city to be proud of with services and facilities that enrich our lives. I believe the city has some great assets which need to be better leveraged to create more economic opportunities for Calgarians.

Some candidates would like to see us have the minimum simply based on their ideology of conservatism. This would be a horrible plan for a city to adopt as a vision. Calgary is a city known for its innovation and pro-business environment this is what I would endeavour to promote when on council.

The issue with this type of conservatism is that deems literally anything outside its rigid ideology as waste; almost anything that enriches a community beyond a paved road and stop sign. This mentality will not attract new companies and industries to come to Calgary it will simply cause further stagnation and higher office space vacancy rates.

I stand for providing support for the less fortunate through low income programs to ensure that all Calgarians are treated with respect and dignity we all deserve. We are only as strong as our most vulnerable citizens.

In the floods of 2013 Calgarians showed the world we were a community that cared about our neighbours and I know many Calgarians are struggling today to simply pay for the basics. This is why more than ever we need to continue to provide support to programs and agencies that provide much needed services to those in need.

I am a strong advocate for the Arts and believe they are a strong component to a vibrant city and have far reaching economic impact and help drive the entrepreneurial spirit Calgary is known for.

The council is always struggling to balance two ideological mindsets; conservative and liberal. I would be a councillor that will bridge that gap with my non-partisan approach, looking for the best in both to create solutions in the best interests of all Calgarians.

In the coming months I ask you to revisit this website to see more dialogue on my platform.

Thanks for your Support.

Elect Wayne Frisch Councillor WARD 11 – Calgary Elections 2017